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Community Cats TNVR

What is a community/feral cat?

A community cat is a cat that lives outdoors and does not have a particular home or owner. They may be friendly or, in some cases, feral(not socialized with people) these cats typically depend on humans for food, whether it is a neighborhood caretaker, dumpster, or other source.

What is trap neuter vaccinate return(TNVR)?

TNVR is not only humane but is the most effective method of controlling feral/community cat population growth. TNVR benefits the cats and the community. Using this technique community/feral cats living outside are trapped, neutered, left ear tipped, rabies vaccinated, and then returned to their outdoor home.

Information & cost to bring your feral cat to Operation: SNIP

Bringing community/feral cats in for surgery:

Please call ahead to schedule an appointment for a Thursday at this time.

  • Drop off is from 7-8 am (limited to 20 cats)
  • Pick up is between 3-4 pm

Thanks to a grant from FLORIDA ANIMAL FRIEND Operation: SNIP was able to spay/neuter 625 community cats!

THE COST FOR FERAL/COMMUNITY CATS Female or Male $80, CAT MUST COME IN A HUMANE TRAP AND WILL RECEIVE A LEFT EAR TIP. RABIES VACCINATION and a dose of Revolution to help keep them healthy! Revolution protects against fleas and heartworm disease. Revolution is also a treatment and will control hookworms, roundworms, ear mites, and scabies!

Cats must be brought in a humane trap, one cat per trap. Trap rentals are available at 727-595-1983.

The fee is $20 per trap and proceeds go into fix Pinellas.

This program is for TNVR cats ONLY!