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Check This Out!

Meow Now and Friends of Strays have joined Forces !!


For assistance with trapping go to their website and look for Meow Now under Programs!!

Friends of Strays has created the Pinellas Cats Alive! program for feral/community cats. Cats are surrendered to Friends of Strays – they are spayed/neutered, ear-tipped, given basic medical treatment, vaccinated, and returned to their community at no charge to the caregiver/trapper.

Please click the link below for more information on their community cat program or call Friends of Strays at (727) 522-6566.

What is a community/feral cat?

A community cat is a cat that lives outdoors and does not have a particular home or owner. They may be friendly or, in some cases, feral(not socialized with people) these cats typically depend on humans for food, whether it is a neighborhood caretaker, dumpster, or other source.

What is trap neuter vaccinate return(TNVR)?

TNVR is not only humane but is the most effective method of controlling feral/community cat population growth. TNVR benefits the cats and the community. Using this technique community/feral cats living outside are trapped, neutered, left ear tipped, rabies vaccinated, and then returned to their outdoor home.